Virtual Reality (VR)

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1.      When I put on our VR headset and entered into one of our models for the first time, it made my skin tingle.  It was one of those experiences I would equate to how people must have felt when they turned on an electric light for the first time or stepped on an airplane and flew across the Atlantic.  This will be a technology that truly changes the world.


There were a few common VR themes at AU I noticed:


a.       Design models in VR for Owner/Architect interactions

b.      Design models in VR for Owner/Owner interactions for internal design purposes

c.       Everything else


The ‘Everything else’ category is what’s most exciting because it’s such a new technology and uses for this tool are still being developed. 


We had a meeting in our office recently where we took a federated model from Navisworks® and pulled some of the MEP clash viewpoints in to show a real-world scenario.  We showed the individual how much space there would be at a VAV box for a client to maintain it, and also a clash with a steel beam.  The individual came up with 3 more suggestions for VR’s use on the spot.  We then flew around in Google® Earth® for a while, just to show some additional uses for how it could relate to an overall BIM.  


Now that we have a top-of-the-line VR machine integrated with our BIM software, we’re excited to push the envelope with how it will relate to BIM and our upcoming projects.